Arch vs. Crux

I find myself the oblique topic of discussion on the Arch forums recently. Although I guess the real issue is a comparison between Arch and Crux, so I’ll stop flattering myself. 🙄

I don’t have anything to add to the debate that I didn’t tack on to the end of the thread, so if you’re debating trying one or the other, you might skim through the pros and cons. If you’re a Crux user you’ll no doubt appreciate the immense load of precompiled software available to you. And of course if you’re an Arch user you might find the similar structure and sparse setup to your liking.

In the end, it’s all the same flavor, friends. Linux is Linux, I always say. Use what you like, and you’ll be happy. :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “Arch vs. Crux

  1. CoarseSand

    Nah, we were really talking about you. 😀 And consider yourself flattered as this is one of two Linux blogs I actually keep in my RSS feed. You have some of the most interesting articles on low resource use systems every Arch user seems to love tinkering with.

    Actually, this reminds me of another topic. I know you use sakura as your terminal, but what are your thoughts on the alternatives like Xfce4 Terminal, termit and my brand new favorite, ROXTerm? Sakura used a little less memory in my very brief tests, but CPU time use on ROXTerm and sakura are almost identical.

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    I’ll have to try termit and ROXTerm; I hadn’t heard of those yet.

    I started out with xfce4’s Terminal and liked it quite a bit. At the time I thought it was fun because it could be undecorated completely, and do pseudotransparency. I moved to rxvt-unicode because it was lighter, and could do the same things in conjunction with Openbox.

    I stick with Sakura now just because I like that it’s tabbable (is that a word?) and follows the GTK2 theme. I find it to be complimentary, really.

    I’ll see if I can mess with the others you mentioned. I’m always on the hunt for new software. 😈

  3. Jeff Flowers

    Interesting post. I’ve played with just about every BSD and Linux distro but I have yet to try Crux a try. I may have to change that, as I do enjoy using minimalistic operating systems.

    Looking through the documentation on Crux, the only program that I would use that might be daunting to install is Firefox, which has a bunch of dependencies. How do you go about installing FF?

  4. yangsayang

    Do you have recommendation to easy self-compiling Linux manual / documentation for newbie like me?
    Thank you.


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