Another undesirable Firefox 3 quirk

If I disable the history in Firefox 3, and I disable the “Remember what I enter in forms and search bar,” why do I still get that pesky keystroke-search effect when I start typing a URL in the address box? It’s even more irritating on my older machines because of the lag it triggers when I type. 😈

Luckily, turning it off is an option in the about:config page, not unlike the GUI fonts were in Firefox 2. Open up about:config (after waiting for the keypress-search to unfold, of course), acknowledge the disclaimer if you haven’t already, then type the word “rich” in the filter box.

Where you see “browser.urlbar.maxRichResults”, change the value to -1. Any other value in that key will limit the number of results, but a -1 turns the darn thing off for good. Hallelujah.


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