Stuck keys

I have to admit a little disappointment, when I report that my XO-1 — barely six months old — seems to be suffering from a case of the stuck keys.

In my case it’s the CTRL key, which seems to be occasionally stuck in the down position, making typing a rather random exercise. The cursor bounces from right to left, dialogues spring open at a whim — you can probably imagine. And it’s happening in Sugar, in Debian or in Arch.

The only good news about the whole issue is that it seems lessened by repeatedly pressing the key from left to right — “rocking” it, if I can use that term. After a few seconds of that, I can buy myself back a few minutes of normal behavior.

Of course, my disappointment is that an almost-new computer, which is targeted at a terrifically vulnerable demographic, could have an issue (even a minor one like this) so soon in its life span.

I rarely use my machine, aside from occasionally accessing the Internet or listening to streaming audio. I can’t imagine the wear and tear another machine might need to withstand, and if mine is suffering from a fault this early, one with regular use. …

Well, I think you see where I’m going. I’m not unhappy with the machine, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I expected better.


4 thoughts on “Stuck keys

  1. johnraff

    Yeh that is kind of disappointing.
    It seems to get forgotten that reliability can be more important than performance.
    (email is another case)

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