A Crux port for GPRename

This is one of those applications I use very rarely, but it’s an incredible timesaver when I need it most. Batch photo renaming, search and replace in filenames, etc. Here’s a Crux port, grafted from the AUR version. Thanks again, gang.

# Description: 	A complete batch renamer for files and directories, coded for Linux in GTK2-Perl. 
# URL: 		http://gprename.sourceforge.net/
# Depends on:	perl p5-gtk2 p5-glib p5-libintl p5-locale-gettext


build() {
  cd $name-$version
  make PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$PKG/usr install || return 1

And there it is. Note that it relies on p5-libintl, which technically isn’t in the Crux repositories, but is in the Crux port search.

Now if I could only get a version of Zim working. … đŸ™„


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