Because I’m such a nice person

I let a neighbor borrow the Pavilion for a little bit, to check e-mails and watch a DVD or two. I won’t miss it: Between the remaining three computers — scratch that: five, including the new Thinkpad and the semi-functional VAIO I still haven’t tended to — I can easily keep myself occupied for a while. The last thing I need is another computer to distract me.

And since it was running a full-blown Hardy installation, it was easy as pie to create a new user account, step down on some of the privileges and let them take it for a day or two. Ubuntu was perfect for that situation. I made sure there was an account just for her, deactivated the automatic user login to GDM, set a password she would remember, and even left the screen effects on, just for amusement. What the heck — it’s the first time she’s seen Linux, so it might as well be an addicting experience.

Anyway, if you’re letting someone borrow a full-blown Linux machine, I recommend a working, fully complete Ubuntu system. It’s the nice thing to do.

(As an added bonus, the Pavilion seems to catch my wireless network — unlike my other neighbor, whose apartment is on the other side of the hall. The walls must be thicker in that direction. I have no other explanation for it. πŸ˜• )

2 thoughts on “Because I’m such a nice person

  1. bapoumba

    Yes, you are a nice person, K.Mandla πŸ™‚
    For the wifi signal across the hall, if there is a main wall (not sure how it is called in English, one of these walls that you cannot remove, open etc..) with some metallic structure in it, it may be the explanation. In my own house, I have one of these walls + the floor between my router and the basement, and the signal cannot get through. I can get it upstairs though.
    I’ve been told that a hole in the wall, with metal going from side to side for a connection would do it, but meh πŸ™‚

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