Crux port for Recorder

In between everything else I came up with a Crux port for Recorder, the wonderful little CD and DVD burning program that some fellow Archers have been fawning over these days. And with good reason: It’s fast, it’s light and it doesn’t require a mess of garbage just to burn a CD. It’s perfect.

Here’s a port against the 1.2.7 version, so you can build it in Crux.

# Description: A simple GTK+ disc burner.
# URL:
# Maintainer: Alex Ciurana
# Depends on: pygtk, cdrkit, dvd+rw-tools


build () {
	cd $name-$version
	make DESTDIR=$PKG PREFIX=/usr install

I molded that from the Arch PKGBUILD in AUR, so it might not be picture-perfect. I’ll update it if it doesn’t quite work right. (In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t bother actually “maintaining” a Crux repository. I just copy them back out of the blog and change the version number, if it’s needed. You can do the same.)

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