This isn’t working

The gods frown down upon me. Every virtual system I build in Qemu is fine until I start adding software, and then they become unbootable, hanging at the command line and showing no login prompt. I don’t blame this on Hardy, because another full Ubuntu system created from the RC ISO is working fine. But for some reason, my emulated systems aren’t really … emulating.

Oh well. I’ve already surrendered to the fact that I can’t rebuild the Hardy speed guide in time for the release, so I’ll just do this the old-fashioned way, and rededicate one (too fast) machine to Ubuntu testing, and shift some of the load to other machines. It’s going to require a little geopolitical shuffle, so to speak, but it’s better than sitting around, doing nothing. Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “This isn’t working

  1. linuxcrayon

    Just thought I would mention VirtualBox. I’m not sure if you’ve tried it, but I personally think it’s fantastic. I’ve heard a lot of people having problems in Qemu for various reasons, but I’ve never personally used it myself. They have binaries for Ubuntu for i386 and AMD64. If you want the open source edition, though, you’ll have to build it from source.

    Maybe it will work for you. Maybe it won’t. Either way, good luck.

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    I’ll give it a shot, thanks. I was only using Qemu because I was familiar with it; it’s possible a different emulator would perform better or be more forgiving. Thanks!

  3. potrzebie

    Actually, the open source edition is available thru synaptic in the universe repo. They also offer a non-OSE binary download from theit site.which differs mainly in that it allows you to virtualize a usb interface in the guest OS (I used that edition, with my old copy of XP installed on it, to run itunes and sync an ipod before I found just the right linux tool for ipods, worked dandily).


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