Deciphering Super Pi

I’m still having a little bit of trouble understanding the numbers Super Pi spits out. I feel a little dumb explaining it, but after seeing a lower performance from a machine running in recovery mode, I can only guess that I’m not clear as to what goes where.

As another example, here are two numbers from the same machine — one running a “default” installation, and then another with the same system “lightened” (that’s the best way I can explain it right now).

Total calculation(I/O) time= 432.643( 15.137) Sec.

And then. …

Total calculation(I/O) time= 527.081( 14.321) Sec.

The “total” numbers are different, but in a way contrary to what I would expect — the “lighter” system seems to take longer. At the same time, the number in the parenthesis, which is what I always looked at when I wanted to know how it was working, seems to suggest an improvement.

I’ve been to the Web site and looked at the readme files, but there’s not much help there. I’ll check in the ‘Cafe thread, and see if anyone has any suggestions or can explain it for me.


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