Three’s the charm

Just for the record, it took me three tries and two different CDs (CDRWs, actually) to get a properly burned Hardy beta this morning. You’d think after doing this for two-plus years I’d have a better handle on burning an ISO, but two different discs on two different machines and it still took three attempts to get one that would pass the integrity check.

So remember, if you’re new to this stuff, that misburns happen for everybody. Set the speed low, use quality media, keep the disc clean, blow the dust out of your burner. Do these things correctly once and it’s still less time than it takes to do them three times over. I can vouch for that, with the past two hours wasted as proof.


One thought on “Three’s the charm

  1. Danny

    I’ve been using the mini install CD’s lately. Only 9 mb or so to burn, and the rest come from repos. The installation puts only the latest packages on, so no need for updates after the installation. I’ve yet to find the OEM mode on the mini, but I’m told it’s there, somewhere.

    Also, with the mini, after the base install is done, you can choose what else to install – several different server modes, all the U/Ku/Xu/Ed/Myth boon2’s are there.


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