Welcome back to wireless

I finally took the plunge and picked up another wireless router. It’s been a year since I worked with wireless aside from the network in my office, so I’m wondering how much has changed since my old Netgear unit.

Probably not much. The new one is a Corega WLBARGPX in black, which included a USB wireless key as a bonus. The key uses the RT73 driver (if I understand this page correctly) though, which means if I intend to use it with Linux, I might have some compiling to do. But so far the router, which is what I’m really after, seems like it will work fine for me.

I say “seems like” because I haven’t had enough time to set it up completely. Like most of the technology I’ve invested in lately, it seems kiltered toward Windows, with a setup-for-dummies CD in the pack. I’m not going to use that if I can help it; I already got into the standard setup pages via hard line and I should be able to manage the rest.

The only real difficulty is that, of course, everything is written in kanji, with no English setup available. That’s not nearly as much of a problem as it was nine months ago, when I needed to set up my wireless connection. I can decipher most, if not all of the options now. And since I’ve worked with wireless many times before, I have an idea what I want to happen.

No, now it’s just a matter of finding two or three solid hours to decipher, set up, troubleshoot, configure and then secure. And from there, it should be smooth sailing. I hope. đŸ˜¯

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