The Return of the Thing

It’s back — a measly two months after I wrote it off and wished it gone.

I really thought with four computers in the house and me monitoring eBay for an XPiCD, I’d have enough to round out any geek Nirvana I could conjure up.

But I started in on the Hardy speed guide and realized all my benchmarks were against the Ugly Little Laptop, and without it I’d have to find another machine that I could test over the next month. And since it could be that long until I pick up another low-end machine (aside from the desktop machines I might inherit soon), I’d do just as well to “borrow” this one again and put it back to work.

I’d post a photo of it, but chances are you’ve already seen the awful beast, and I’ve already polluted the Internet too much with photos of that Quasimodo.

And no, it hadn’t moved since I left it at the office.

So I dragged it home again, plugged it into the wall and turned it on. It works. It refuses to die. Or perhaps it is The Undead Laptop. 😯 👿

The plan at this point is to grab the Hardy beta at first opportunity, run a default installation, then a minimal installation, then a tweaked minimal installation, then perhaps switch distros a few more times, just for experimentation purposes. This is all done in the name of science, I swear.


One thought on “The Return of the Thing

  1. Reacocard

    Most of your gutsy tweaks carry over fine to hardy, I’ve used some of them to tweak my hardy install and they work fine.

    One note on the current guide: reprofiling your boot reuires readahead to be installed, in fact, most of the benefit of readahead is lost if you don’t do the reprofile with it. Also, using readahead for login is a HUGE benefit if you have a significant number of startup applications. I cut my login time almost in half, from 35-40 seconds to ~20 seconds using the login readahead script from this post: I expect it’d be less helpful on a minimal setup though.


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