A Crux port for ObMenu

If you know what Openbox is, I probably don’t have to tell you what ObMenu is. I looked around for a Crux port for it, but couldn’t find one. And since it’s an easy enough program to manage (it’s basically a one-liner to install), I scraped this together last night and tested it a couple of times.

# Description: Openbox menu editor
# URL: http://obmenu.sourceforge.net/
# Maintainer: 
# Packager: 
# Depends on: libglade pygtk


build() {
	cd $name-$version
	/usr/bin/python setup.py install --root=../../pkg/

It’s probably not the sexiest port out there, but it works well for me; let me know if it doesn’t for you. And no, I will not be setting up an entire repo so you can sync with it. That’s just silly. Besides, this hasn’t been updated in years.

Thanks to priyank for the AUR version, which is where most of this comes from. I listed only pygtk as a dependency (with libglade installed first, so it’s on hand when pygtk is compiled), since that should also draw in python if you don’t have that installed already. If I missed any others let me know.

Copy and paste (I put my edited ports into /usr/ports/local, but I suppose there are better ways of doing that), save and install. Fun!


5 thoughts on “A Crux port for ObMenu

  1. infinitycircuit

    Obmenu won’t run for me. It says that there is “No module named glade.” I have libglade installed, and I also tried installing glade but that didn’t fix it.

  2. infinitycircuit

    Incidentally, I forgot to mention–I manually installed pygtk before libglade because otherwise I got strange footprint build errors with pygtk. Could this be the problem?

  3. infinitycircuit

    That fixed it: I rebuilt pygtk with the following command with libgtk already installed:

    prt-get -if -fr depinst pygtk

  4. K.Mandla Post author

    So … is there a way to change the port so the dependencies are built in the correct order? Should it be …

    # Depends on: pygtk libglade

    ? And thanks for the note(s), by the way. 🙂


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