A note of discord

I have a small complaint to voice. I try not to whine about the work other people do, mostly because I do very little myself, and so it’s way out of place for me to be critical. My apologies beforehand. However:

It’s been almost four months since Fluxbuntu offered a “release candidate” and there’s no sign, that I can see, that it will ever be offered as anything but a release candidate. That disappoints me.

I know, it’s a lot of work putting together an entire version. It’s even more work doing it properly. And it’s rude of me to complain, since I haven’t done anything to assist aside from signing on to the Fluxbuntu forums on a daily basis and occasionally jailing some spam, or answering a generic support request. And I watch the bug list, and I keep an eye on the project pages.

But still, logic says if the people behind the project are overwhelmed with other work, then they should pass it to someone who has the time to invest. Allowing things to slip like this — twice, I should add, since the same stunt happened with the original Fluxbuntu offering, if memory serves — is just sloppy, and doesn’t speak well of the entire effort.

And all that, on the same day I mention the IceBuntu groundswell, which seems to be rolling at a much more satisfying pace.

There. I’ve said it. I shall go back to being nice again now. Or at least try.

3 thoughts on “A note of discord

  1. Sam

    @tempeman Thanks for the heads up on that one. I’ll add it to my list of low spec distros to check out.

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