Disk errors, sanity checks and other minor miracles

Crux is behaving nicely on my XO, but not without a few … quirks. Every installation behaves differently — even on the same machine. And this mishmosh of jury-rigged hardware and software is no exception.

Most frightening was when the root (and by that I mean /root, not /) directory disappeared and was replaced with a line of question marks. Then other little files started to behave strangely, and that’s when I decided it was time for a filesystem check.

Booted to Sugar, inserted USB stick, unmounted, ran e2fsck -yv, which went fine. That corrected the /root problem, but may have triggered some other issues. After that, I could compile nothing (not even a letter to mom) because ./configure always claimed /lib/cpp had failed a sanity check.

Aside from the obvious tactlessness (and irony) that accompanied one program accusing another of insanity, it didn’t seem mentally unstable to me. After all, it was right there, in it’s /lib folder, just waiting for someone to give it the attention it craved.

Regardless, that problem was solved in turn by reinstalling the gcc#4.2.2-1.pkg.tar.gz off the ISO (shuffled from one machine to another via USB key, of course). Whatever personality clash had grown between ./configure and cpp … it was solved by giving cpp an extreme makeover. What a difference a day makes.

But other than that, things are going well with the Crux XO — which I have rechristened as CruXO, which just makes sense. 🙂


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