Tutorial of the Week

The staff has started a feature highlighting some of the best tutorials we have in the Tutorials and Tips section. (Okay, I admit it: It was my idea.) The Tutorial of the Week thread is here, with a separate discussion thread here.

The idea is that the quality of the tutorials might improve if we can highlight some of the best ones. Not that there are many bad ones (there are some I’d call “substandard,” but that’s the way it happens), but the good ones can stand as examples for future ones.

As a side note, the staff is drafting some “criteria” for tutorials. It’s nothing particularly tangible yet, but I have a feeling at some time in the future there will be better guidance for authors.


1 thought on “Tutorial of the Week

  1. Onyros

    Haha! Coming back from the holidays with this surprise, nice 🙂

    Thank you for the consideration, I’m flattered! And Osmo deserves it, too!

    Love the new theme, btw. My kinda theme, I always love some dark and red mixed together.


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