Dr Small’s Linux Blogs project

Dr Small has started a project, which aims to collect Linux blogs and categorize them, in a way. The aptly-named Linux Blogs site is here, with an invitation to participate here.

You can submit your own, categorize it and link to it. You can also do this for your friends, and they probably wouldn’t mind. (I haven’t decided if I’ll dump all the blogs in my sidebar in there or not; at last count I had 89 or so there. I might think that over first. 😐 )

It sounds like he’s planning on managing it much the same way I manage my list — cull through them a month at a time, and make sure they are what they claim to be. You can also report a blog if it doesn’t seem to satisfy you.

I’m interested to see how many new ones pop up. 😉


5 thoughts on “Dr Small’s Linux Blogs project

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  2. pasquale

    i’m asking about the language of the list 😛
    i mean..if i can add my italian blog in! (i asked in forum, waiting for reply:D)
    thanks for spreading the word 😛

  3. Dr Small

    Currently 43 blogs with 507 hits. That’s pretty good 🙂
    It gives people a nice list of blogs to read, about different subjects while on their lunchbreak 😀

  4. mulenmar

    Not to be a necromancer, but the site no longer appears to exist. 8ez.com does, but it’s a link shortener like tinyurl.com or bit.ly.


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