Out with the old. …

Again, it’s time to cut the links to blogs that don’t exist any longer, aren’t updated or are too off-topic to be included. Some notable favorites fell by the wayside this month; I won’t mention them by name but the list has gotten shorter by at least eight or nine links.

It’s still a good bit longer than it was, even six months ago. If people are actively keeping up with their Ubuntu adventures, that’s how I would go about proving it.

As always, if you have a blog and you want a link, please post a link here. I am more than willing to add it to the list, if it meets the requirements — Ubuntu- and/or Linux-predominant, any language, kept up to date at least within the past month.

Of course, if you know of some that I don’t have listed but you read, please let me know. I keep that list mostly for my own education, although it does help others too, I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Out with the old. …

  1. quenonino

    Hi! I always read your blog, it is very interesting.

    I would like my blog to be included in your blogroll, it is in spanish though. I post frequently about Ubuntu, Programming with Python and so on.

    The blog is http://www.marceloramos.com and its title is Blog de Marcelo Ramos.

    Thanks in advance and keep the good work!


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