Gutsy guide updated to v1.2

I updated the Gutsy guide to v1.2, with a lot more added and a few pages meshed together. Some new ideas are in there, along with some refinements to older ones.

Additionally I moved the files off of, which was becoming a bit problematic to update. Their file management tools weren’t cooperating with my browser, and the backup e-mail upload wasn’t doing it either. So I’ve corrected the links and moved them to Mediafile, which is … okay, I guess. Their service seems simpler, and that’s probably for the best.

I’ll look into hosting the files here on WordPress, but I have to pay for the service. I’m kind of cheap, too. 😐


5 thoughts on “Gutsy guide updated to v1.2

  1. K.Mandla Post author

    Most of them should work on 64-bit, but I don’t think you’ll see much improvement. 64-bit machines are usually so fast anyway that the results are too minor to make a difference.

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If they work, let us know. 😉


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