Should Compiz be in Xubuntu by default?

It’s been a long time since I paid much attention to Xubuntu. That’s probably a good thing, since I was wasting a lot of my time wringing my hands over the fact that it had gained so much weight.

And it really must be a long time since I even considered Xubuntu for anything, because the idea of turning on Compiz by default made me laugh. It will sound snide, but I realize that the reason it was so funny to me is that people still think Xubuntu is intended for older hardware. The fact that it’s even discussed should be a clue to the contrary.

But I’ll stop there and let that issue fade. I’ve been over the point so many times it doesn’t even appeal to me any more. I don’t follow the mailing list any longer and I don’t even download the ISO, so my opinion is of little consequence. I voted in the poll after thinking it over, and maybe my opinion is contrary to what might be expected.

But I’m not a Xubuntu user or follower any longer; I’ve moved on … which is probably best for everybody. Any hubbub over Compiz or no Compiz is just a faraway echo now. 😐


10 thoughts on “Should Compiz be in Xubuntu by default?

  1. pasquale

    xubuntu is the “light” version of ubuntu… it can’t turn on compiz BY DEFAULT! O_o ok the menu…”active compiz” or what u want… but turn it on by default is stupid 😀 for the objective of this distro…

  2. urukrama

    I saw the thread on the Ubuntuforums and instantly thought “I bet K.Mandla will have a post on his blog about this soon.” 😀

  3. Hussam

    Does xfce really need compiz? xfwm4 is already a good composite manager.
    I wish someone would port it to gnome.

    (Nice ArchLinux Openbox desktop btw.) 😉

  4. SoftVision

    Nope. Compiz in Xubuntu will not be worth it. It’s not like Xubuntu is the king of low-end desktops with it being so bloated in any case. Xubuntu seems to have lost the purpose of being a solution for low-end machines, now its just for fans of the XFCE Desktop Environment.

    XFCE in Arch is fast as hell and there are other distros like Zenwalk for using XFCE. Xubuntu is just a touch more responsive than Ubuntu at best.

  5. Johan

    They might as well have it on by default, considering a full Gnome-desktop running on Debian is just as fast, or even faster than xfce on Ubuntu.

  6. Rich

    What is the point of Compiz on an Xfce desktop? Xfce is for a light fast stable working environment. I use Xfce4 on my Debian work box, compiz? pffft! noooo waaaaay.

    Also, while we are at it… I tried Xubuntu, expecting Ubuntu + Xfce to be like my Debian + Xfce… no, not at all, in fact I had an Ubuntu Gutsy server install cd, and just installed the desktop myself and found it to be far more responsive and stable than the Xubuntu offering, why is that?

    Xgl/Compiz/Fusion, Beryl… Gnome and Kde desktops only.

  7. mlg

    im a xubuntu user and i feel it has become very bloated.
    yes xubuntu is just a bit faster than ubuntu :/
    if they add compiz or an index searching thing i will move to other distro 😛
    may be fluxbuntu -i dont like fluxbox :/ – or a server edition with openbox
    is there any openbox-buntu distro? XD

  8. Dr Small

    Xubuntu never was very lightweight (ever since I got to test it out), and since it is supposed to be lightweight, Compiz on it by default is just a stupid idea, in my opinion.

    Xubuntu was ment to be a lightweight version of Ubuntu, to run on older hardware (which it may have been at one time), but it is too bloated, and is not very good for older hardware anymore, so yeah, Compiz will fit right in with XFCE… Just another bloated, hard core, heavy weight distro (like Ubuntu), except it uses the lightweight Desktop Environment, XFCE! *Sarcasm*

    I prefer iceWM or fluxbox (if it was a must), over xfce and gnome any day.

    Dr Small

  9. ikaruga

    Yeah, Compiz on by default Xubuntu seems to be defeating the purpose of Xubuntu…. Heck, Compiz on by default on Ubuntu defeats the purpose of Ubuntu! If that ever happened (I don’t know because I stopped using Ubuntu a while back) that’s another step to Ubuntu becoming the Vista of Linux. Ubnutu’s target audience of “grandma’s” and other non-techies don’t have the graphics cards to run Compiz comfortably.

  10. satuon

    > so funny to me is that people still think Xubuntu is intended for
    > older hardware

    Maybe just the definition of old hardware changes 🙂
    Seriously, today’s old hardware is newer than the old hardware 5 or 10 years ago. Today’s bleeding edge computers will become the old hardware of tomorrow, and they can run compiz.


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