Arch forums’ 2007 Light and Fast Awards

I have been trying to keep an eye on the Arch forums too — not as a moderator, of course, just as a user. The Arch forums definitely move a little slower than the Ubuntu ones, and the “angle” of the topics seem quite a bit more technical. People usually ask more hardware-related questions, or want tips on how to wrangle their kernel, or whatnot.

But because Arch users are mostly speed freaks with little to no tolerance for inefficiency, there’s a great thread earmarking some of the best applications of the year. The aptly titled “The Best Light and Fast Applications – 2007 LnF Awards” is definitely worth skimming over for ideas about applications. It runs along the same lines as the “Cool applications you use that others might not know of” thread, but definitely has efficiency in mind.

If I see anything of real interest I’ll surely mention it, even just as a note to myself. 🙂


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