CRUX isn’t what I want right now

After two or three installations and probably as many, if not more, kernel recompilations, I’ve come to the conclusion that CRUX Linux isn’t what I want. The allure was mostly in the idea of an exceedingly minimal system, like Arch Linux, that would allow me to keep the ugly Sotec in action. The i586-version also seemed like a viable substitute for Lowarch, now that Lowarch is dead.

But the time requirements coupled with the learning curve took their toll on me. At 450Mhz, it was taking me about an hour and a half to backtrack each time, try and find my error, and then recompile another test run. After three or four attempts and probably more than nine hours of troubleshooting, I was ready to throw in the towel.

My strategy at this point will be either to learn more about custom kernels, and apply that at a later date; or to make some test passes on a faster machine. Even my 1Ghz machine will compile at a better clip, and allow me to at least make some juvenile errors before wasting another day of my life at 450Mhz.

Of course, hardware issues are at the core of my problems, so maybe a custom kernel on another machine won’t fully solve my problems. But it’s a learning experience, so it should help no matter what. And I like the look of it. I certainly appears as sparse as Arch, if not sparse-er. 😕

In the mean time I want to try a few more gimmicks before trying out the next Ubuntulite installation script. 😀


One thought on “CRUX isn’t what I want right now

  1. Timo Myyrä

    Hey, try if OpenBSD is running on it. It has monolithic kernel design and it’s recommended that you don’t make a custom kernel on it.
    Usually things either work on OBSD straight out-of-box or they won’t work at all.

    Just be sure to read the installation instructions from the OpenBSD website before trying it as it has small differences in partitioning compared to Linux.


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