Chasing Audacious

The main role for my Thinkpad is to stream audio off the Internet, and to serve as a backup for when something breaks. Unfortunately, one of those roles is a bit hamstrung, because the Audacious update for Arch a few weeks ago killed my streaming audio access.

I’ve checked both the Arch forums and Ubuntu forums (of course, Ubuntu is still at 1.3.2) and no one seems to be having the same problem (or if they are, they haven’t mentioned it), so it’s possible that the problem is on my end. I don’t like the prospect of cleaning off that machine (all my music is on there), but if it has to be done, then it has to be done.

Strange, but I can remember something similar to this happening between the 1.2 and 1.3 versions of Audacious, about nine months (?) ago. I don’t know if an update fixed that or if something else just magically worked all of a sudden, but I know it has a history of working, then not … for me, anyway.

I’m not looking for a new audio player … yet. I really like Audacious, and I don’t have a problem playing local audio files, so I’m not without options. 😉


6 thoughts on “Chasing Audacious

  1. YHVH

    You keep an anally detailed blog of just about any update you perform or distro installed on any machine yet still say things like,

    “I don’t know if an update fixed that or if something else just magically worked all of a sudden, but I know it has a history of working, then not … for me, anyway.”

    Wind your neck in. Report bug. If anyone cares they’ll fix it, or you will. Solution, not the precipitate eh?

  2. Onyros

    Awwww, come on K., confess: you’ve been at it again. You’ve got a new pet hater.

    What did you do this time around? Pissing “god” off, huh?

  3. K.Mandla Post author

    Actually, I think I am guilty as charged this time. I have a long track record of casually mentioning things that work or don’t work for me, then moving on to the next big thing. So I think in this case, YHVH is probably right. If something wasn’t working right, I should’ve mentioned it rather than moaning softly into cyberspace about it.

    As my only point of defense, I would like to say that I do have a track record of breaking things, sometimes intentionally, sometimes by mistake. Knowing that, I usually assume I did something wrong that caused it not to work, and my habit it so check around before mentioning a problem here. Sometimes someone else sees it and can confirm it, sometimes not.

    But that’s not the way these things should work, and YHVH is right. If I’ve got an issue, I’d do better to mention it to the people responsible, whether its the developers, the packagers or anyone else in between.

    So I admit my error(s), and promise to change my ways. Thanks to YHVH for reminding me that I had fallen into a rut. Cheers!

  4. Wolf Vorkian

    Mandla, if someone steps on your toe and smashes it, do you apologise for having your foot in his way? 😉

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  6. Danny

    In a critic group, I submitted the first fiction story I wrote. One of the group members announced, “I don’t believe it.”
    “What?” I responded.
    “I don’t believe it. It’s not a buy.”
    The meeting ended shortly after, and I went off in a huff. After calming down, I realized she was correct. My wordsmithing skills were new, and I simply hadn’t learned the tools to make my story work. Once I got over my pissy attitude, and worked to learn how to write fiction.

    Similar situation here, and I’m caught in the headlights too. Like many, I’ve never submitted a bug report either. The reason: I haven’t the first clue how.

    Maybe you could help us. Links to “How to submit a bug report”, or even one of your “How to”‘s.


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