Not quiet, just busy

I’m not out of the loop these days, I’m just trying to wrap my head around CRUX Linux, and it’s more or less going well. There’s a i586-optimized boot CD, which is, of course, what interests me.

It’s a real trick getting all the pieces together. I went through one installation and only got half the packages I wanted, and ended up with a mangled system. I did it again and somehow couldn’t get Grub to install right, and putting LILO in place made the system unbootable.

But three’s the charm. Too bad it takes so long (you have to compile your own kernel as part of the installation). I think it’s worth the trouble though. I want to see if I can get Arch-like performance from it, considering it’s Arch’s precursor, as I understand it. I’m fairly confident it will run faster than Ubuntu. 🙄

Edit: Well, I got it working, and it does seem to be quick, like I want. But I don’t seem to have any access to my PCMCIA card, so I’ll have to double-check that. Sigh. It took all morning to get this far. … 😐

Edit #2: Now I have X working, with blackbox running as the window manager. So far so good. I don’t know how much farther I’ll get though, until I figure out why I have no PCMCIA. No PCMCIA means no network card, and no network card means this installation is a dead duck. … 😦


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