Fluxbuntu: Can I get a witness?

Much ballyhoo and the Fluxbuntu Web page is open for perusal. Nifty home page with fade effects and plenty of elegant prose.

But the download page still seems empty, or at least it was around 10:00 UTC. I don’t know anyone on the inner circle of Fluxbuntu, so I can’t say if there’s some sort of last-minute wrangling going on.

But I’m tapping my foot impatiently. 😐


4 thoughts on “Fluxbuntu: Can I get a witness?

  1. reacocard

    Nope, nothign yet, but there’s a file called ‘CDImage-Archive-Sync-In-Progress’ which would seem to indicate that they’re working on it.

    This will be rather interesting to see, I have a couple PIIs laying around just begging for a linux install….


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