Skinning the proverbial dead cat

Thanks to Mepis, there is AntiX. And thanks to AntiX, I heard about hv3. And thanks to hv3, I can at least check my e-mail on this drudge of a Pentium 4 at work, because it can do what IE can’t: Open my Gmail account.

There’s a standalone, noninstall (because I don’t have admin priviledges on this machine, or I’d use Firefox) hv3 executable for Windows on the hv3 Web site. And it works better than IE, which probably isn’t hard to believe.

In any case, this does solve a problem for me … that rebooting into SliTaz took this machine out of the office network, and wrinkled a few tail feathers. At least now, I can open my e-mail and look at it.

Of course, network access is still abysmal, so the problem is only partly solved, and to be honest, I’d rather work in SliTaz than hv3. But this will do, for now.


2 thoughts on “Skinning the proverbial dead cat

  1. K.Mandla Post author

    I tried one standalone that I downloaded from … I don’t remember … and it wouldn’t start for me. I’ll try this one and see what I get.

    It really only helps with half the problem. The machine is so bogged down with crudware that any browser — hv3 or Firefox — performs horribly. I just have to suffer … or reboot to SliTaz. 😈


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