Still offline, still grinding my teeth

Sorry there’s such a dearth of information these days. I’m still offline at home, and I still have my fingers crossed each time I turn on my laptop, hoping that my payment has finally reached the ISP, and they’ve switched me back on. No luck so far though.

I’m also headed for a short, three-day vacation on Monday, so even if I’m not online by then, I probably won’t be posting from a hotel lobby.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have one or two tricks up my sleeve, though. I’m busy at home with a hammer, knocking a speed guide for Gutsy into place. The beta is behaving predictably for me, and since not much has changed at the core levels in Gutsy (unlike in Dapper-to-Edgy, and Edgy-to-Feisty), it should be fairly easy to push things into place.

In addition, I have another interview with a UF member waiting in the wings. I will definitely post that tomorrow evening, to try and keep something up and fresh while I’m gone.

I also want to list a few Arch tweaks that seem to be working for me. My Thinkpad, the 550Mhz Celeron, boots in 29.5 seconds now, from Grub to desktop. The tweaks are all on the blog here, but they’re a little scattered and some have shifted, and I want to get them all into one place even if it’s only for my reference.

And I owe about two weeks worth of music tips, which I missed because of my offline predicament. Those posts are the most labor-intensive, because of the image tags they require, so I might have to beg them off until I can get a solid hour of online time. Work, work, work.

Anyway, while I’m offline, I’m not gone by any stretch. Keep watching this space.


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