An Ubuntulite screenshot thread

Call me vain, but I started an Ubuntulite screenshot thread the other day, on the miniforums for UL. Originally Drupal wouldn’t allow image tags, but Shae changed that, so there’s a nifty thumbnail of an Ubuntulite desktop there (actually, it’s the same one I added to my note about Ubuntulite from last week, so it’s nothing earth-shattering.)

If you’ve got a screenie of your UL machine, please tack it on.

P.S.: I agreed to take up a moderator’s role over there. So far there are only about eight posts, so it’s not exactly a huge workload.


One thought on “An Ubuntulite screenshot thread

  1. Luke

    I posted my screenshot of my very basic setup. Yours is prettier. I slapped mine together haphazardly in like last 5 minutes, abut it still seems semi-decent. I guess that’s the joy of minimalistic systems. There is not much there to style. 😉


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