Openbox theme: Clearlooks-Flat

Edit: Unfortunately, the images originally included in this post are gone, because of hosting problems in late 2009. My apologies.

In my minority (probably of one), glossy 3D themes for Openbox are a no-no. I like my Openbox windows to look like thin slivers of glass — not gnobby protuberances. I leave the phony 3D effects to the other desktops.

I do, however, like the Clearlooks color scheme. So here’s the default Clearlooks theme that comes with Openbox 3.4.4, modified ever-so-slightly for a flat look, instead of raised.

All the colors are the same and all the only real changes are a theme-wide replacement of the “Raised Gradient Vertical” effect to “Flat Solid” everywhere. In fact, I just commented out the original lines, so you can easily change them back or refer to the originals, if you like.

Download by clicking here: Clearlooks-Flat theme for Openbox 3.4.4.

Of course, like anything I upload to WordPress, I have to change the file extension because of the whacked out naming convention. So if you download it, clip off the .doc part and restore the .tar.bz2, and it shouldn’t give you any hassle when you decompress it.

I was going to try to make an Openbox theme file (an .obt file), but I couldn’t quite figure out the process, and I have other things I need to be doing right now, instead of decrypting the theming feature in OB 3.4.4. I’ll leave it to someone else to come up with that. πŸ™‚

P.S.: My background is set to #3465a4, a Tango blue, with xsetroot. I’m trying to wean myself off feh and wallpaper altogether, since I don’t really ever get a chance to look at it. You know what I mean? πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “Openbox theme: Clearlooks-Flat

  1. billy

    To create an .obt archive, open obconf and click ‘create obt archive’ (or whatever it is called). Select the directory you’d like to archive, and you’re done. I think it would even work if you just create a tar.gz archive and rename the extension to .obt (it works the other way).

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  3. Sy Ali

    Wow. This is almost exactly like the original blackbox ‘minimal theme’.

    I picked up that old theme and updated it to the newer blackbox, and when I switched to openbox I hand-ported it over there too.

    But then it turned out that the minimal theme was already included in openbox. So I took that and updated it a bit.

    My preferences are only slightly different from the ones in this theme.

    So as it turns out, there are at least a couple of us who like this style. =)

      1. Sy Ali

        # Select this style with ‘obconf’

        # I combine editing this file, with an entry in my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml with:
        # Now I can goof around and press alt-f5 to see things live.

        # Window geometry
        padding.width: 2
        padding.height: 2
        border.width: 1
        window.client.padding.width: 1
        window.client.padding.height: 0

        # Window title justification
        window.label.text.justify: Center

        # Active window shadow=n Black
        # If I leave this blank, it won’t paint the unnecessary double-border Flat SteelBlue Parentrelative White

        # This is the ‘footer’ of every window. A width of 0 turns it off.
        window.handle.width: 1 Flat Steelblue Flat Steelblue Flat SteelBlue SteelBlue White

        # Interestingly, this “sticks” when I click the maximize button. Neat. Flat #537797 #3d4c5a White Flat #537797 #3d4c5a #3d4c5a Flat #6993b9 #3d4c5a White Flat #6993b9 #3d4c5a #cccccc Flat #537797 #3d4c5a White Flat #6993b9 #3d4c5a White

        # Inactive windows
        window.inactive.label.text.font: shadow=n

        window.inactive.border.color: Black
        window.inactive.client.color: #cccccc Flat #f1eeea Parentrelative
        window.inactive.label.text.color: #000000 Flat #f1eeea Flat #f1eeea Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.unpressed.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.pressed.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.disabled.image.color: #8f8173 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.toggled.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.hover.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.toggled.unpressed.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.pressed.toggled.image.color: #000000 Flat #efebe7 #8f8173
        window.inactive.button.toggled.hover.image.color: #000000

        # Menus
        # Right-click on the root menu (the “desktop”)
        # Right-click on a title bar
        menu.border.width: 1
        menu.border.color: White

        menu.title.text.font: shadow=n Flat SteelBlue
        menu.title.text.color: White
        menu.title.text.justify: Left

        menu.separator.color: White
        menu.separator.width: 1
        menu.separator.padding.width: 0
        menu.separator.padding.height: 0

        menu.items.font: shadow=n Flat SteelBlue
        menu.items.text.color: White
        menu.items.disabled.text.color: Grey Flat White Black Grey

        #Menu geometry
        menu.border.width: 1
        menu.overlap.x: 0
        menu.overlap.y: 0

        # On Screen Display (with alt-tab, etc)
        # I’m not sure how to remove the black background behind the text.
        osd.border.width: 1
        #osd.border.color: Black Flat Flat Flat
        #osd.label.text.color: White
        #osd.label.text.font: shadow=n

  4. Sy Ali

    My comment was stripped out. The key binding I use is this. Replace (( )) with the angled brackets.

    ((keybind key=”A-F5″))
    ((action name=”Reconfigure”/))


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