I didn’t know I could do that

Press CTRL+ALT+F1 for a tty screen.

Hold down ALT.

Press the left and right arrows.

Has that always been there?! How come nobody ever told me about that? 👿

What’s great is if you don’t have X running and you just hold the keys down. You get this really freaky strobe effect that is bound to trigger seizures in a certain proportion of the population.


4 thoughts on “I didn’t know I could do that

  1. bapoumba

    I actually did, found out ages ago when I had problems with X-sessions in warty. I handled it with lynx in one tty and the reconfigure in the other one (I was very new to all of this). Since then I always set up centerICQ and irssi, just in case. Thanks for reminding me I have not done it yet on this computer ^^

    This is also when I discovered nano, which I use almost exclusively.

  2. chris

    CTRL-ALT-F1 through F6 will give you different ttys. F7 will put you back at your X session (if you’re running X).

    I didn’t know you could cycle through them with ALT and the arrow keys, though.

  3. chris4585

    i have a very funny story about this post, reading the title, and reading just the fisrt bit, i hit ctrl+alt+f1 without thinking.. i go into a tty no biggie.. how the crap do i get out??! well thanks to my knowledge of the terminal i was able to download weechat (i love weechat) and connect to freenode to ask how to get out of it, and i got a answer and thank god for cli based irc clients phew


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