Arch modules (and applications) for an Inspiron 8000

Over the past couple of days I’ve trimmed my list of modules on this Inspiron 8000, under Arch. This is the list I’ve come up with, to my satisfaction.

MODULES=(cdrom agpgart intel-agp evdev psmouse serio_raw pci_hotplug rtc-cmos rtc-core rtc-lib ac97_bus snd-page-alloc snd-pcm snd-timer snd snd-ac97-codec snd-maestro3 soundcore ata_generic sd_mod ata_piix e100 mii usbcore usb-storage uhci-hcd)

I started by using the hwdetect --show-modules-order command, then trimming out things I knew I didn’t need (like parallel port or pcmcia support), and keeping things that I did (like all those sound modules). Some things get loaded anyway, as dependencies of other modules, but that’s nothing I can avoid.

This meant for an ide-legacy installation, which might change things slightly, if the newer libata-style (or whatever you call it) is used. I still have accelerated video, full stereo sound, PS optical mouse, USB access and wired network. And really, that’s everything for me.

Again, with these modules and a mkinitcpio that’s exceedingly sparse, I get a 27-second grub-to-desktop boot time under Openbox. And since I’m on the subject, this is the list of applications I use regularly.

pacman -S yaourt xorg hwd nvidia-96xx openbox obconf obmenu sudo kazehakase leafpad xfe gtk-chtheme ttf-dejavu audacious audacious-plugins epdfview mirage gcolor2 mplayer codecs tango-icon-theme-extras htop gtk-rezlooks-engine rxvt-unicode flashplugin

I’ve been using Xfe over PCManFM, since the latter needs fam/gamin to run, and I’m not a big fan of those daemons. Xfe does the same thing, looks good these days, and doesn’t need a lot of extras to do the job. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing in there that requires anything involving the word “Gnome.”

I think that’s about it. My system is fast, peppy and does everything I want.


One thought on “Arch modules (and applications) for an Inspiron 8000

  1. zen

    How can one find the modules for his pc?
    For example I have Ferrari4000, what modules shall I load?


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