What’s kanji for “port forwarding?”

I hate to admit it, but even though I have 24-7 high speed (fiber optic, no less) Internet access at home now, I still leech off my connection at work when I want to download music off Jamendo.

I have a very good reason: My router (I’ll call it a router, although I’m learning that it’s more than that) needs port forwarding set (supposedly) in order to download via torrent client.

Ordinarily port forwarding is something I would do in my sleep, but … the darn thing has a setup page written almost completely in kanji. And while I’m learning, and I have a guide … sort of … I’m not exactly sure I’m pressing the right button at the right time, and so I’m a little leery about changing things. It’s too close to random, and I don’t want to knock myself offline completely.

Because then I would have to ask a friend to call NTT West and arrange for a service call, and then feel silly while they push buttons for me and restore service. And then I’d still want to set the port forwarding again, and so forth, and so on. It’s a vicious circle.

So for now, it’s easier to run uTorrent on the WinXP machine at work (the 2Ghz machine that takes 10 minutes to start up … barf) and ferry the end products home via USB key. Since it’s all legit and I can do real work while I download, I’m satisfied for now.

Until I get daring — or inebriated — and decide I can figure it out, and start pressing buttons at random. 😐


3 thoughts on “What’s kanji for “port forwarding?”

  1. Luke

    Have you tried babblefishing the menus or something like that? It probably won’t work but you might get a general idea of what each character symbol is.

    Look for something that translates a bit like:

    “Is to be going with on sea ports over long way”

    That might just be port-forwarding LOL

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    Kind of yes, and kind of no. An added complication is that I don’t have a Japanese keyset, which means I would have the joy of trying to convert alphanumeric to kana, then kana to kanji, and the variations are mind-boggling. If they were text in the browser and not labels on buttons, I might have a better shot.

    It’s probably in my best interest to just wait for a bit. 🙄

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