Microsoft, OOXML and vendor lock-in

When you have a few minutes to spare, read this excellent description of the Office Open XML standard and its implications for developing countries. It’s exceptionally well written and explains the issue cleanly and quickly.

Of course, the dangers of Microsoft drafting its own standard and presenting it as if it were open and accessible to everyone … well, that isn’t something that should be avoided just in developing nations. But I’ll let you read the full description and form your own opinion. I wouldn’t want to taint your opinion of a multibillion-dollar corporation which is dumping software and hardware on developing cultures, in hopes of locking them into licensing fees and —

Oops. Sorry. 😳


One thought on “Microsoft, OOXML and vendor lock-in

  1. Luke

    Thanks for posting this! I’ll be sure to link to this next time someone brings up the ODF vs. OOXML discussion again.

    Btw, this is slightly related. MS always talks about the TCO when trying to scare people away from Open/Star Office. But since they rebuilt the UI from scratch, and changed the file format in Office 2007 they really did increase their own TCO to the point where it is actually comparable to the one of Open Office.


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