A weird framebuffer thing in Gutsy

I forgot to mention that before I installed Arch, I kicked my Feisty installation up to Gutsy, and everything was working without a hitch. The only exception to that is the loss of my console resolution. I normally tack vga=791 on to my kernel boot line so I can get a proper tty display dimension (I have a 1600×1200 screen, and the default dimensions create enormous letters 😐 ).

With Gutsy in place, my console screens went black — by that I mean powered up, but showing nothing. I could still log in and start X (blind, of course), and so I didn’t think much of the issue. Strange to me that a dist-upgrade would affect, of all things, the console output. Hmm.


4 thoughts on “A weird framebuffer thing in Gutsy

  1. Alan Doyle

    FYI. It’s not just a dist-upgrade issue. I’ve done a clean install from the Tribe 4 Alternative CD on my Toshiba Portege 4000 ( PIII 750 / 256Mb ) and setting vga=791 gives me a blank screen until gdm starts up.

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