Ubuntu Lite stutters, falls … again

With only three messages since June in the Ubuntu Lite discussion group — and all three of them spam — it seems that Ubuntu Lite has fallen upon hard times … again. 😦

Which is a shame, really. Ubuntu does need a simpler, faster setup for extremely lightweight machines (I’m thinking sub-300Mhz here), and for a long while Ubuntu Lite was the best option. In its newest incarnation there was a push toward Openbox, which I’m all for, but there probably just wasn’t enough of a groundswell to keep the interest level peaked. And so Ubuntu Lite utters (another) death rattle.

It’s interesting to me that about six months ago, I thought about putting together a deb package that installed all the software I usually add to an Openbox setup, and using apt-get install -f to install the entire business. It looks like their installation shell script was very near what I had envisioned.

I never put my ideas to paper, so to speak, but I might tear off a chunk of that corpse, and see what I can come up with. If it’s at all successful, I’ll share it.


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