Boot time, 4 seconds

Every now and again I have to remind myself that my computer started up faster when it only had eight bits to work with. Yes, I know, it didn’t do as much as the one I own now, but still. … 🙄


4 thoughts on “Boot time, 4 seconds

  1. giz404

    It may be possible again one day : Mach Boot is a totally useless but blazing fast live-cd, which boots in less than 20 secs on old machines.

  2. AzP

    It’s nice to see that some companies are working on new BIOSes, which can utilize a hell of a lot more memory during boot. It’s painful to think about the fact that we’re still using a 20 year old “os” during the boot.
    For me, the BIOS-boot probably takes about half the boot time.

  3. giz404

    Total time from pressing the power button to the fully loaded desktop on my system : 1min 7 sec
    – Bios/POST screen : 17 sec
    – grub loading : 4 sec
    – actual ubuntu boot time : 23 sec
    – gnome loading the desktop until it’s fully usable : another 23sec

    Conclusion :
    with a lighter desktop environnment and an optimized BIOS, we could easily obtain a 50% speed boost.

    On another note, there is an interesting piece of software, named Splashtop
    which proves us that instant-on is possible. Unfortunately, it’s only installed on Asus high-end motherboards.

  4. K.Mandla Post author

    I got similarly impressive stats from older hardware with MachBoot. I’ll have to check out that splashtop site; it would almost be worth getting one of those motherboards just for that feature. I wonder if they do laptops yet. Hmm. …


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