I want your blog

I spend a lot of free time skimming through the blog links I keep at the right, and unfortunately, a good chunk of them were abandonblogs or had shifted away from Ubuntu or Linux in general. I’ve culled out some of them, and unfortunately now my list has grown (comparatively) short.

If you’ve got a blog about Ubuntu (or Arch Linux or even just Linux) and you don’t see it in the list, please let me know where it is. I like to keep a current list for my own benefit, if not for everyone else’s as well.

(Yes, I’ve been through Carthik Sharma’s list, so thanks for mentioning it. 🙂 And I’m skimming the planets I watch for links too.)

3 thoughts on “I want your blog

  1. carthik

    Hey, I must say I look forward to your posts. Please don’t abandon this blog 😉

    I am on the look out for new Ubuntu blogs too, let me know if you find any.


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