Under the radar: Ubuntu-Lite 7.04

I’ve already told you how you can install the classic Ubuntu Lite on Feisty, just by installing the deb from the old repository. Don’t look now, but the Ubuntu Lite Google Group is going to spring a revised version on you once Feisty goes live:

I am going to get hosting whenever we get a release for 7.04. …


I am basing the new package on 7.04 b1 with bidaily updates. …

But don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself.

It looks like there’s still a lot up in the air — choice of a WM, preferred file manager, etc. So if you cast your vote now you might be able to sway the leadership toward something — even if it’s just a single package — that you feel strongly about. And I get the feeling the more involvement, the better. So jump in there!


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