Pardon my brief absence

I apologize for being absent from the forums and this blog for a week or so. A lot of things converged all at once last week, and the only viable solution was to concentrate on those issues before returning to the forums.

On the one hand, I have some job interviews I’m trying to manage, and some can only be pursued on expensive, cross-country trips. And as an added complication, my current job ends next Saturday.

I also needed to streamline an old Web site (no, I won’t give you the link … it’s too embarrassing 😳 ) that I had neglected for six or seven years, and was in dire need of the attention. It took a couple of days to clean up, but it’s much better now.

And on top of that, I had become a little annoyed with the digg crowd. When I started seeing hits on the “Linux has no games” post, I realized the flash crowd might be coming, and I didn’t care to be around for it.

I’m less and less enthused by the whole digg effect, for reasons I’ve mentioned elsewhere. I appreciate the attention, since it’s flattering to have your work given so much traffic. But at the same time, it invites a horde of people who are unrelated to you or your issue, and they’re all certain their opinion is superior.

Like I said before, it’s like having an entire mall of people rerouted through your living room, and they all tell you how much they don’t like your coffee table. 😀

Otherwise, I’m getting excited about Feisty. I’ve installed Arch Linux briefly, mostly to test the Nvidia drivers on my 440 Go, but it won’t be around for long. Feisty is really going to be cool. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a real treat. Don’t install it until next week, though: It’s worth the wait to get the final, polished product. 😉

I’ve also put together some tentative speed tweaks under Feisty, and I hope to use the coming week to try them out. Aside from that, I’m still prodding and playing, pushing this and deleting that. I learn by breaking things. 😉


2 thoughts on “Pardon my brief absence

  1. Brian

    Hey. Can you tell me why exactly you will be switching to Feisty from Arch? 🙂 I do agree that Ubuntu is great. It was my first Linux experience and I used it for three months up until Friday when I switched to Arch. As far as I can tell thus far, Arch is easier to manage once configged. What advantages do you gather you will get with Feisty over Arch? 🙂 I know Feisty has many more convenient things by default, but these things can be set up in Arch. And even with convenient stuff like the new Wireless network features, is it really that special when you can get Wireless working in Arch anyway?

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    Hi Brian. It’s kind of like what you describe: Ubuntu is easy to set up, but Arch runs faster and is cleaner.

    For me they’re both opposite sides of the same coin: Ubuntu will set itself up, but Arch won’t do anything without me telling it. On the other hand, Ubuntu tends to be a little slow and clunky for me (particularly on older machines), while Arch runs like greased lightning.

    So which one I use depends on what mood I’m in. I tend to install and reinstall a lot, so I learn a lot from both — from Ubuntu, by trying to speed it up, and from Arch, by trying to set it up. It’s really just a matter of preference at any given time. Cheers! 😀


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