PowerBook still not responding

I received the replacement power adapter today, but the PowerBook is still not turning on. I know at this point that I should assume the laptop itself is malfunctioning, but I still get this nagging feeling that the adapter is to blame.

I’m willing to try one more time, even if it’s another $20 to be absolutely sure. I’ll see if one described as tried and tested (although that’s hardly a reassurance, since there’s no way of telling if a seller is being honest on ebay) is any better. I think if this fails, I’ll have to call it a wash and strip it for parts.

It would be disappointing, but there is a limit to my enthusiasm for hardware, if it’s just plain broken.


One thought on “PowerBook still not responding

  1. Danny

    If it doesn’t work, keep those parts. They’ll probably work in similar configuration iMac. Most of the older iMacs are just laptop parts.


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