I finally signed the Ubuntu CoC

I’m a little embarrassed that I let it lapse this long (over a year and a half, technically 😯 ), but I finally got around to making a key and signing the Code of Conduct. It’s shameful to think I’ve been moderating since October and I’ve been using Ubuntu for a year longer without acknowledging the guidelines I hold people too. 😳

To be honest, it was the prospect of working with GPG keys that made me hesitate for so long. I couldn’t (and to a degree, still don’t) see the usefulness of them, but I’ve just scratched the surface. Setting one up seemed both daunting and a waste of time.

And so once again, I owe a thank-you to Bapoumba, this time for her post about Seahorse, which did make the actual key-creation process much simpler. If I hadn’t gotten that little boost, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Merci! :mrgreen:


One thought on “I finally signed the Ubuntu CoC

  1. bapoumba

    De rien, K.Mandla 🙂
    I have to admit, it was not straightforward for me neither … And I did not know seahorse at that time. Got it done with gpg (and a little help from man pages) back then, a whole adventure!


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