Some nvidia-glx-legacy progress

Rebuilding the 8776 driver from Nvidia is proving to be a bit cumbersome in Feisty. I’m not sure why, since I get almost nothing from the /var/log/nvidia-installer.log file that explains it (other than random make errors), but seeing as I need something better than a completely dead screen in Feisty, I made a little progress today getting video acceleration.

This bug (and its counterpart in the wiki) was a huge help to me. With the nvidia-glx-legacy driver (which is version 7184, in case you were wondering), I get a lot of hard X lockups, which I described earlier. If I use the Option lines in that bug report, things seem semi-stable. I haven’t had a problem in a while (an hour or so, although that’s not enough to really tell).

This is a rather roundabout way of getting something working for video acceleration. I’d much prefer a stronger or more flexible nvidia-glx driver package, but unless I’m in a position to buy the whole darn company, I doubt anything will be forthcoming from Nvidia.

I should spend a little time drifting through the Nvidia forums, even though I’m running short on time. There might be some better ideas there.


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