Ubuntu 5.10 reaches end-of-life on April 13th 2007

This (via the mailing list) is a little sad to me.

Ubuntu announced the release of 5.10 almost 18 months ago, on October 13th. As with the earlier releases, Ubuntu committed to ongoing security and critical fixes for a period of 18 months. The support period is now nearing its end and Ubuntu 5.10 will reach end of life on Friday April 13th 2007.

I started out with Breezy Badger, and so I’m sorry to see it phase out. I still keep a CD of it (and Warty and Hoary), even if I don’t ever use it. It’s a memento of the early days, I guess.

Who knows? Maybe some day I’ll need to install it again. I can’t imagine the circumstances, but it’s possible.

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