New wireless card works great, but …

I picked up a wireless card off ebay that is working fantastic, with a small exception: The range is so short that I don’t pick up the router from about 20 feet away. 🙄

It’s a MiniPCI card — an Intel PRO 2200BG, which I picked specifically because of the drivers, and because I had one in a high-end laptop about a year ago and loved it. It’s working fantastic — Ubuntu found it immediately, it gets good access rates, it syncs perfectly with my router, etc.

I’ll just have to pick up a proper antenna for it, since without one, I lose my signal about five feet from the desk where it lives.

One downside: Pulling the old Adaptec MiniPCI means I no longer have a wired connection or a modem in my old Dell Inspiron 8000. That’s all right, really. I haven’t used the wired connection in about six months, and I’ve never used the modem. So I don’t think it will break my heart.


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