Awaiting a new hard drive

I’m more or less committed to the idea of installing Arch on my production machine, just for fun for a few days … or maybe longer. We’ll see.

First, I’m awaiting a 200Gb hard drive that I’m going to put in as the second hard drive in my 1Ghz Inspiron 8000 laptop, and try to consolidate some of the dreck I left on DVDs for the past year. Somehow, the spindle of discs hasn’t been as attractive as of late, and I’d just as soon have them in a different format, and lose all the junk. Of course, that does beg the question of keeping all that crud in the first place. I don’t ever use the stuff, but I feel obligated to keep it for some reason.

For the mean time, I’m thinning the herd and trying to lighten the remainder of the load in preparation for the changeover. If all goes well, I’ll have a 7200rpm 60Gb hard drive as the master drive in this machine, with the 200Gb as a storage drive. That means there will be a shuffle-down and the extra 7200rpm 60Gb drive will probably find its way into the 300Mhz laptop and the 5400rpm 20Gb drive will move to my external.

And that means that I can finally dump my aging, noisy, slow and hated 20Gb 4200rpm drive on ebay. Good riddance.


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