Arch for a production machine?

I keep two machines: One “production” machine which I need to be 100 percent working 100 percent of the time, and one break-it machine which doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s the one that usually gets experimented upon.

As it is now, my “production” machine is a 1Ghz laptop with a 64Mb Geforce4 card. The leftover machine is the 300Mhz Latitude I keep talking about.

The problem is that there’s quite a bit I’d like to do that needs that higher processor speed and better video card. So I’m wondering if it’s worth installing Arch briefly just for fun, before rebuilding with Ubuntu.

I think my hesitance just comes from knowing that I might need a complete and working installation with no misconfiguration, and I worry that I might not set something up right.

But then again, I could always have Ubuntu rebuilt in the space of an hour.


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