Edit: Unfortunately, the images originally included in this post are gone, because of hosting problems in late 2009. My apologies.

Just to be snotty, I installed xcompmgr on this laptop, knowing full well that it wouldn’t work because the video card can’t handle transparencies, and it has almost no video memory, and it was never intended for eye candy of that caliber, and blah blah blah.

I was wrong.

Desktop responsiveness is about the same, believe it or not. Some of the menu fade-ins are a little sketchy, and moving a transparent window around the desktop stutters a bit, but other than that, it works fine.

Just un-freaking-believeable.


7 thoughts on “Un-freaking-believeable

  1. K.Mandla

    Hi. Urxvt is set to inherit pixels, then setting the transparency with xcompmgr and transset makes the pseudo-transparency transparent. So that’s urxvt +tr, then apply transset 0.8 to the terminal window. The net effect is that sort of darkened shade you see there. Cheers!

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    I think the easiest way is to follow all the Arch Linux posts I have here. (Just click on the Arch Linux category at the bottom of any page.) You’ll need to build a very, very sparse system, add Openbox and xorg, then install xcompmgr, transset and transset-df from AUR.

    I don’t know how strong your Linux expertise is, but if you can install Arch Linux, the rest is a breeze.

  3. Flake

    I’ll follow your instructions, thanks a lot

    And how can I contact with you? e.g. ICQ, IRC, MSN, email? I don’t see any purpose to spam your blog here, so if you don’t mind please let me know (my email) by what way I can ask for help in the future.

  4. K.Mandla Post author

    Good question! I don’t know why I never thought about that before. The best way would be through the Ubuntu Forums; you can PM or e-mail me from there.

    Of course, if there was a post here that you wanted help with, or had questions, you’re free to leave a comment. I watch this fairly closely, and I try to respond to new comments as best I can (except for the flash crowds that come with digg hits 😉 ).

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