I am insane with jealousy

It’s probably not necessary for me to mention it again, but the doggone Gentoo wiki is so amazingly useful and beautiful that I am speechless with envy.

Just take a look at this page, as an example. How impressive is that? Everything you could ever want to know about Xorg and font controls, explained as a step-by-step guide for the greenest newb, all the way to the most esoteric detail for das ubergeek.

It makes me wish I used Gentoo more often, just so I could brag about the wiki. šŸ‘æ As it is, I have to sneak in and out with a guilty feeling.

Ah well. We’re all on the same team, aren’t we? šŸ˜³

P.S.: Okay, sure. They have ads in their wiki. But if it helps pay the bills, can I really complain?


4 thoughts on “I am insane with jealousy

  1. dosnlinux

    I feel the same way about the Arch/Ubuntu wikis. I just got over the looking over my shoulder phase whenever I visit either of them. šŸ˜›

  2. xabbott

    Gentoo’s wiki is the best general Linux wiki in my opinion. It made a big impression on me about three years ago. I installed and used Gentoo for about a week, but I’ve used the wiki ever since.

  3. Tristan Rhodes

    Wow, you are right! I had never been to the Gentoo wiki before but it is a real well done with lots of great information.

    I hope we can learn from what other people (distros) are doing right, so that we can keep improving Ubuntu.


  4. George

    You’re right all the way. Nearly every time I do a google search on HowTo do something or the other I end up at the Gentoo Wiki. Just goes to show that good documentation is possible, eh?


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