Grub to desktop: 37.5 seconds!

I’m bouncing around the house this morning because I finally trimmed the boot time on my 300Mhz laptop to under 40 seconds! :mrgreen:

I deciphered mkinitcpio with the 0.8 installer, and I was able to skim through the hardware detection phase in a fraction of the time. And I found a few more kernel modules that don’t need loading, so that step is shorter too.

I’ll explain more later. For now, I’m too busy patting myself on the back! 😀


One thought on “Grub to desktop: 37.5 seconds!

  1. NerdyShinobi

    That’s really awesome, man. I’m still at the “headbanging hardware troubleshooting” stage with Arch on my wife’s laptop…. do we _really_ need sound? lol


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