Okay, okay: Metisse looks good

I was going to mention this a couple of days ago, but I didn’t. I’m willing to admit it now: Yes, that Metisse stuff the Mandriva crew has put together looks really nice.

And given the videos they have on their site, it’s a bit more practical than your average Beryl setup. I can see where that sort of layout and switcher function would be very useful.

And given my daily work habits, where I’m moving between anywhere from four to 12 different programs at a time, it would be very nice indeed to get the peel-back copy-and-paste effect.

And if I can bring myself to swap out my Pentium II that I’m using with Arch right now, I might give it a try on the problematic Pentium III that I mention elsewhere. According to the FAQ, technical requirements are very low — all the way back to a P-2 450 with a TNT2 card. 😯

I shall put it on my to-do list, and report back.

Listen to the Ubuntu crowd pine after Metisse here.


One thought on “Okay, okay: Metisse looks good

  1. xabbott

    I had bad luck getting it to run myself. Only one out of the three computers I tried ran it properly. Wasn’t impressed but I’m keeping an eye on it.


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