New headphones: JBL Reference 410

I’m a night worker, which means on my days off I’m up late anyway, which means I’m more interested in a good pair of headphones than a strong set of speakers. I need something I can wear for a few hours at a stretch, and sound good.

To that end, I found a pair of JBL Reference 410 headphones at my local box store today — regular price $80, on clearance for $40, and I had a gift card for $20. So I got them for a quarter of the retail price.

Sound is really good — Revolution Void is very crisp with these. They sound a little more bass-heavy than other headphones, but not unbearably. For $20, I’m pleased.

This means I get to dump my Philips HN110 headphones, thank goodness. I had a very nice pair of Philips headphones a long time ago, and I thought I was making a step up when I dropped those for the HN110s.

Wrong. Poor design meant plastic clips on the headband snapped easily, and the curve of the ear pads didn’t match the shape of an ear. After an hour or two, my ears started to hurt from the weird shape, and after an hour or two longer, the headband started to hurt the top of my head.

So those will be going the way of all flesh — which, I’m sure you recall, is ebay.


One thought on “New headphones: JBL Reference 410

  1. Gary

    Very good headphones. Actually they are AKG’s which Harmon owns (along with JBL). I just saw these at $80 still so you got a good deal. Also I bought the AKG three months ago for 60 and they are almost identical to the 410’s. Good bass, snug fit that blocks out the noise and masks much of the sound for those around you. I wear them on the subway as not to bother the other riders and to block the ambient nose.


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